Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

Lunch: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Dinner: 2:30pm - 8:00pm



Lunch: 10:30am - 2:30pm

Dinner: 2:30pm - 7:00pm


For reservations please call:

(925) 960-0931


84 Teriyaki

51 Wright Brothers Ave

Livermore, CA 94551


Get directions.

Dinner Menu

Served daily from 2:30pm onwards

SALADS (lettuce, rice noodle, crushed peanuts)


House chicken salad w/ dark meat Small
House chicken salad w/ white meat Medium



Gyoza / Potstickers (6)  
Lumpia (3)  
Agedashi / Deep fried tofu (6)  
Teriyaki chicken wings (8)  
Edamame / soy beans  
Calamari tempura  
Shrimp tempura (4)  
Vegetable tempura  
Mushroom tempura  
Squash tempura  
Broccoli tempura  
French fries  
Onion rings  



Avocado roll  
California roll  
Tuna roll  
Crispy golden roll  
(deep fried caifornia roll)  
Deep sea roll  
(grilled unagi, avocado, peanuts)  
East meets west roll  
(chicken breast, avocado)  
Fireball roll (spicy)  
(tuna, avocado, special spicy sauce)  
New wave roll  
(shrimp tempura, crab, masago, avocado)  
84 house roll  
(shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, topped with grilled unagi)  

COMBINATION BENTO (served with steamed rice & chicken salad)


Items: tempura, california roll, gyoza

(no duplication of items above)


Bento 1: Chicken teriyaki & 1 item  
Bento 2: Chicken teriyaki & 2 items  
Bento 3: Beef teriyaki & 1 item  
Bento 4: Beef teriyaki & 2 items  
Bento 5: Chicken & beef teriyaki & 1 item  


DINNER PLATES (served with steamed rice & chicken salad)


Chicken teriyaki  
Chicken breast teriyaki  
Prawn & chicken teriyaki  
Salmon teriyaki  
Korean BBQ ribs / Beef shortribs  
Beef teriyaki  
Spicy BBQ pork  
*Chicken sautéed w/ vegetables  
*Prawn & chicken sautéed w/ vegetables  
*Beef sautéed w/ vegetables  
*Pork sautéed w/ vegetables  
*Calamari sautéed w/ vegetables  
*Broccoli chicken (dark meat)  
*Broccoli chicken (white meat)  
*Broccoli beef  
Tempura lunch / 5 prawns & vegetables  
Tonkatsu / Battered & fried pork cutlet  
Chicken katsu / Battered & fried chicken breast  
Unagi katsu / Battered & fried eel  
Fish katsu / Battered & fried pollack  
*order mild or hot  


(4+ person parties will include 15% gratuity)

(any special food requests are at additional cost)




Chicken teriyaki, b.b.q ribs, tempura prawns and vegetables, lumpia, steamed rice and chicken salad

(3 person minimum)



2 Pieces of fish w/ fries or rice  
3 Pieces of fish w/ fries or rice  
2 Pieces of fish & 3 prawns w/ fries or rice  
2 Pieces of fish & 5 prawns w/ fries or rice  
7 Prawns w/ fries or rice  
Calamari tempura w/ fries or rice  
Vegetable sauteed w/ rice  
Vegetable tempura w/ rice  


YAKISOBA (Japanese noodles sauteed w/ vegetables)


Chicken yakisoba  
Beef yakisoba  
Shrimp yakisoba  
Vegetable yakisoba  



Miso soup  
House mandoo soup  
Tempura udon  
Chicken udon  
 Vegetable udon  
 Tempura udon  
 Beef ramen  
 Spicy fire ramen  


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